Friday, December 16, 2011


To be honest, I'm surprised I HAVEN'T done this guy yet. So! Here's number 10 :)


I'm super thankful that I get to call this guy not only my brother in Christ, but one of my super good friends :) I'm thankful that he's fun to talk to. I'm thankful that he's responsible for pretty much 1/2 of my Spotify library now. I'm thankful that he doesn't mind when I take(possibly steal) his Atlanta Braves snapback for short periods of time. I'm thankful that me, him and Payton make watching musicals AWESOME!!

I'm thankful that God has given him a heart for those he cares about. I'm thankful that I get to experience Brazil with him and the rest of our awesome teammates. I'm thankful that he's super trustworthy, and very easy to talk to regardless of who you are or what your problem is. I'm thankful that he's super talented at basketball. And can shoot 3 pointers pretty darn well ;)

I'm thankful that he's always able to find the fun, lighthearted side of the situation. I'm thankful that he showed me who Mayday Parade is!! Which is super exciting. And I'm thankful that he's a super awesome part of the Impact 360 class of 2012.

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