Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Morning 2012 :)

Well. It's KIND OF weird hitting midnight and realizing that instead of going from one day to the next your shifting into an entire new YEAR :D also slightly exciting. As indicated by that wonderful little excited smiley.
I drove home at 11:00 from my beautiful best friends house. Annddd pretty much listened to Long Live by Taylor Swift on repeat because it felt like that was a super fitting New Years song!! Anyways. I guess I'm going to be doing the "classic" New Year's looking back list. But here goes. This MIGHT be super long.

1. Senior Year Sadie. Mary Joe Peckham. New and old friends :) Possibly dents in Cooper, daddy's truck ;)
2. Snow and ice days in Katy Texas!!! Sleepovers with best friends and sisters.
3. San Antonio State swimming meet with adventures in the hotel.
4. Rodeo Houston 2011!!! Tim McGraw in concert. 
5. Senior Prom!!! With my lovely date ;) hahaha. Just kidding. She's just my beautiful friend!! 

6. Kemah boardwalk the morning afternoon. Scary wooden rollercoasters. Late night snack food (actually stuff food but whats the difference?) Hotels. 
7. NATIONALS!!! Lots of basketball. Lots of Landry's. Lots of sister. Lots of family. Lots of #1 ;) Lots of varsity ball games. Lots of empty basketball courts. Lots of leafy walks. Lots of antique tractors ;D Lots of biscuits and gravy!!! MASSIVE BASS PRO SHOP.
8. Texas A&M visit with Rach.
9. Oreo cake baking at 3:00 in the morning! 
10. Let's try my ENTIRE Senior Track season? Such amazing memories. Regionals in the 800. And an absolutely amazing team of friends <3
11. Pretty much every Astros game attended by me and my family:D HUNTER PENCE FTW. Even though he's a Philly now....
12. The last week of Senior year. SO much fun. No real class time at ALL ;)
13. Watching Chris do 1,200 pushups (for REALS) because he said "shut up" in Mrs. Martin's class.
14. Galveston with the Fontenots for Abi's birthday.
15. WORLDVIEW ACADEMY '11!! and my amazing small group. And reoccuring friends :) And a pretty awesome cousin we somehow didn't know we had... 

16. FIESTA, TEXAS. Arlington Piano competitions. Theme parks with the Stokleys. 
17. Picking the Gibbs up from the a GREEN LANTERN CAPE!!!! 
18. Scary Movie nights. Shutter Island. The Sixth Sense. Some other weird, freaky movie. 
19. Sleep. In cars. Big theme for us. 
20. Savannah with my best friends. For the summer. Cabins and lake side beach talks. 
21. The tale of the Jennithor ;D 
22. Painting Melissa's new house!!! 
23. Storms on the dock <3
24. Watching Rachel trying to fish :P 
25. Downtown Savannah and Mellow Mushroom. This is never NOT a plus. 
26. Senior year powderpuff!!! 

27. THE HUGH MORRIS 80'S VARIETY SHOW. And setting up before with Kelee Mendoza ;)
28. Um....let's try....GRADUATING HIGH SCHOOL?!? 

29. Photo shoots at Mamaw's. 
30. LONG family cartrips to College!!!! (a.k.a. Impact 360)
31. My amazing C-group. And musical keyboard geniuses ;) 
32. Late night talks on the tailgates of trucks.
33. Feaky. 
34. Weird accents!!! And inside jacket hugs :D
35. Motorcycle rides!!! and ohmygoodnessgraciousIdidn'tdie...
36. Adventure Module. 
37. Best friend's 18th birthday!!! Oh. And Amy Smith. she gawgeous ;)
38. Truefaced. Honesty. 
39. Facebook children!!! 
40. Days in the rain!!! Heck, for that matter, late nights in our dorm room. Good lanta ;)
41. Mississippi College Visits!!! oh yes.
42. Buying our couch for our room :D
43. Tacky Christmas sweaters nad Fantasy in Lights. 
44. Thinking faces.....
46. Best friends that can PRETTY much read your mind. It's weird.
47. David the dolphin...
48. Biology class. hahahahahaha. 
49. Movie quoteoffs. Even though I have SO many left to see. 
annnnnnnnnnnd #50!!!! 

50. My best friends. All of them. The beautiful people God has blessed me with to walk alongside...and to frying pan me in the face when I get too far ahead of myself :) Wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. 

THIS HAS BEEN SUCH A GOOD YEAR. But maybe this next will be even better. Who knows. We'll just see!!! 

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